Technology Rant

Technology Rant

I f##*#ing hate smartphones.  More specifically, it’s a love/hate thing.
A camera at my fingertips.
The fact that I feel compelled to “document” and post everything I/my family/my friends do.
Google maps. This has helped me out numerous times because I have very little sense of direction. Also, it has saved Joe and me from fighting in the car
“I didn’t tell you to turn there.  Miss Google did.”
Absolutely nothing to hate about this.
Texting as a means of brief communication.
Texting as a replacement for actual human connection.
Probably my biggest pet peeve is the fact that people seem unable to engage in contact with others (see above) and/or are unable to sit alone with their thoughts.  Everyone on the subway is playing Candy Crush (or whatever the popular game is these days).  No one seems capable of riding an elevator without staring at their phone. Don’t even get me started about texting and driving.
I admit, I do some of these things too.  During The Whole Life Challenge, that Joe and I recently completed, one of our challenges was to not use screens during mealtimes.  We never do at dinner, but I always seem to be on my phone/computer during breakfast and lunch.  It was absolutely liberating to stop that habit, and I’m trying really hard to continue.  I’m also working hard to not reach for my phone every time I’m waiting for a subway, riding the elevator, waiting for a friend.  It’s surprisingly challenging, but I keep reminding myself that I used to have plenty of “downtime” without constant digital stimulation.
Louis CK seems to be of a similar mind, and he explains it way better than I ever could.
image c/o www.
I know you are shocked to see me back on L2S Slink. I too see the pitfalls of the smartphone in our society but my ranting is more when it comes to kids. I get frustrated when I see tiny little tots playing with their parents iPhones in places where plenty of other things could be amusing them. books, sand, trees, dirt, friends, crayons, etc. But let me follow your format:
Love: all the things you said
Hate: folks using it as a distraction for kids and don’t allow their kids to just “be”
Love: being able to check my email no matter where I am
Hate: people expecting me to respond to my email immediately even when it is not urgent
Love: being able to find my teenager when I need to
Hate: knowing my teenager will always have his phone at his fingertips even when he could be doing other things
Love: the camera
Hate: knowing I have a camera and feel I SHOULD be taking photos. I have been trying to sit with the moment and forget about pulling out my “devise”
Love: auto correct
Hate misspelling things and having the autocorrect mess it up
Love: it’s sleekness
Hate: it’s fragility
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  1. r.b. hariton says:

    Smart phones have brought out the rude in many people. Maybe they always were but didn’t have a phone to hide behind. By looking down, not in your eye, they are liberated to due whatever they want. That phone has made them infinitely more important than they ever dreamed. Now, with great importance, they are not only rude, but bullies as well.

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