I Heart NY

I Heart NY

Spring finally made it’s way to NY! Yesterday was sunny and warm and beautiful.

After rounding at the hospital, I met Joe and the girls at Streit’s Matzo Factory for the annual Passover Palooza on the Lower East Side. Kids and their families rock out to silly passover themed songs like “Mission Imatzoble.”  You know, Weird Al Yancovic style.  The best thing, though, is they open their doors for tours of the factory.  The matzo produced at Streit’s has been made with the same recipe on the same equipment since the 1920’s.  Amazing.

After brunch and the Palooza, the kids were playing in a park on Christie Street.  Samantha needed the bathroom.  We spotted a bar on the corner and walked over. It was 3 on a Sunday afternoon and the bar was hopping.  Music was blaring, there was an 80’s themed birthday party happening, everyone, including the bartender, was dancing and one grown women was being thrown over people’s shoulders and paraded around the bar.  Samantha took in the scene, and rather than being thrown by it, she danced her way to the bathroom line.  When she was finished, in the spirit of the room, we exited through the window.

I was wishing I was with you last year and now again this year. Sounds so fun and the window exit just goes to show, you are all growing up! Are you a committed Streit’s  customer? That is what I want to know.
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