Photo Fun

Photo Fun

It’s been awhile…

A little something to browse on this rainy Friday:

60 amazing photos

Which one’s your favorite?

Also, this exhibit of Latin American Photography at ICP looks fantastic.

Maybe I’ll head over this weekend.

Those are fantastic! I love them all but especially Audrey Hepburn shopping with her pet dear and the building of the Golden Gate Bridge.

image from installation at Socrates Sculpture Park

More Photo Fun

More Photo Fun

A roundup of some interesting photo projects I’ve run across lately.  They’re not the most aesthetically challenging, but they’re pretty fun:

This one is a clever/stupid/hilarious/masochistic take on self portraiture:

I found this utterly fascinating:

Reminded me of the Switcheroo project I mentioned a while back:

While I was in Paris, I was fortunate enough to see the Henri Cartier Bresson exhibit at the Pompidou Centre.  It was one of the most comprehensive shows ever compiled of his work, and I was completely bowled over seeing the iconic images I’d studied in art school as well as so many beautiful photos I’d never seen before.

There is a snake in the FREEZER!! Absolutely fascinated by the peek in the fridge…which of course is why we are best of friends. The stuff being thrown at her head was quite entertaining as well. Some damn clever folks out there!

image of Truman Capote c/o

Photo Fun

Photo Fun

So many interesting photo projects, so little time.

Many moons ago (well before my doctoring life), I had a solo photography exhibit in a gallery in DC called Bronx Redux.  Remember that, Slink?! In the show, I combed through old photos from my parents’ personal archives from their childhood in the Bronx.  Then I went back to the location of the original photos and shot current ones.  It was interesting to see how certain places had changed and others had stayed the same in many ways.

Here’s a variation on that theme and a few other interesting photography projects I’ve run across recently:

Two brothers recreated family snaps of themselves 20 years later.  This would make a great gift for family or old friends.

Switcheroo” is a project by Vancouver-based photographer, Sincerely Hana in which couples exchange outfits, and are photographed twice against the same background. I think the results are pretty interesting/hilarious.

This one is probably my favorite. Intrigued by the idea of doppelgangers,  photographer Francois Brunelle set out to take 200 portraits of people totally unrelated who actually look like identical twins.  I can’t stop looking at these.

First of all, I applaud your commitment to posting. Secondly, these are fabulous. I especially love the one where the brothers recreated the scene 20 years later…an idea I could totally see us coming up with and thinking we were genius! And the doppelgänger brings to life an idea I always think of, especially as I am walking through a crowded airport, a baseball game, large event with multitudes of people…how can there be so many humans in the world and we all look so different? Apparently, that is not so much the case. I would love to see this again including different cultures.
How Cool is That…

How Cool is That…

No time for profound, thought provoking posts.  (As if our posts ever really fit that criteria!)


Here are some links I’ve found fascinating lately.

Food art that will blow your mind.

I always wanted a sister, and I love watching my girls grow up together. This photography project is amazing.

And…just pure baby animal cuteness.

Hope these inspire, or, at the very least, put a smile on your face.

image c/o

Cool food art, and I wish I would run into the artist/s at a party because I have so many questions! Love the pandas and I am shocked you put that link because I didn’t even tell you my obsession with the pandacam at the National Zoo! Such cuteness.
Creative Challenge

Creative Challenge

Awhile ago, you challenged me to send you a weekly photo.

Awhile ago, I challenged you to send me a weekly painting.

We both failed miserably.

For the first time in a long time, I took some photos that I actually felt really good about.  As I was taking them, I knew they were different than the run of the mill family snaps I’d been taking lately.  It’s been so long since I felt that connection to photography.  Since I still feel somewhat technologically challenged (I never really got fully up to speed with my digital SLR–sad, but true), and I rarely shoot for pure pleasure anymore, I was actually thinking I was incapable of composing a good shot.  Nice to feel otherwise for a change.

Now it’s up to you, Slink.  Let’s see a painting!

Anybody else trying to (re)pick up an old skill?  How’s it going?  For me it feels frustrating/exciting.


Go Slink, go! Great shots — the one with the hazy background is especially captivating. The expressions, the atmosphere, the shape on the ground, I just love it and I can see why you are excited too! I hope we are witnessing the awakening of the dormant photographer. Show more next week. As for my painting, I thought Costa Rica would inspire me but turns out, I was just in vacation mode the whole time with no desire or inspiration to paint, only sit on the beach, reconnect with the Kaysers, absorb the culture, read and watch happy children.


I’ve never been to Toronto (though I hear it’s a great city), and I’ve certainly never been to Robber (though from the looks of it, it seems like a great store, and I would definitely  shop there if it was in NYC).

I can’t even remember where I saw this, but for their spring/summer lookbook, they used real life best friends as models.  I can’t think of a better way to produce pure happiness in a photo.


image c/o

I cannot help but look at these beautiful photos and want to know the stories of their becoming best friends!
Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Sometimes I get bummed out that I once was a photographer and now I’m reduced to shooting snaps of my kids with my iphone.  And then I run across something like this…

You Are My Wild is a weekly portrait project that brings together 14 photographers to document how they see their children.

It’s so life affirming.  It makes me love everything about photography, kids and the passage of time.

Check it out!  Now to pick up my camera…

image c/o Kelsey Gerhard for You Are My Wild

Such amazing shots and YES go pick up your camera! You are an incredible photographer and I love looking through your eyes on how you see the world.

Maybe we should make our own challenge of sharing one shot a week so it actually encourages me to capture a day in the life of Ferrier children. Seems older kids just don’t like having their picture taken…at least not by their parents.