Mary Timony Inspiring Youth in DC

Mary Timony Inspiring Youth in DC

For years I have watched kids wander in and out of a house on our street. Kids of all ages carrying all sorts of instruments. It wasn’t long before I learned it was the home of Mary Timony (Wild Flag), a respected name in music by lots of cool rocker types, people very unlike myself. But one day I was listening to Jarretts ipod on the way to the gym and turns out the song that caught me, was Mary Timony. Quiet, sweet, kind Mary who I had met several times by now — rocking, really rocking on the guitar, full of energy and passion. It wasn’t long after that I was blown away by her performance on David Letterman and just the other day was captivated by an article about her in the Washington Post. (Washington rocker Mary Timony has been called a genius. She just plays on.)

This weekend we got to see the influence she is having on some local young musicians. (I can’t help but wish Leah was taking guitar lessons from her). At Comet Ping Pong we caught a bit of the excitement. Running late, we raced over but unfortunately we did not race fast enough. We only got to catch the last band but it was easy to feel the rock star energy and pride these kids exuded. The room was full of kids following their passion, with the support of their quiet genius of a teacher helping them reach for their dreams. The energy was inspiring and I cannot wait to get to the next performance…on time, even if I am not one of those “cool” musician types. It’s so fun to see kids shining and know they are being guided by a sincere, kind and amazing musician.

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Thanks for posting, Slink.  I love when talented people pay it forward. Lucky kids in DC!
Inauguration and Doughnuts

Inauguration and Doughnuts

So off we go to be a part of the 2013 Inauguration! How exciting to be in DC today! Amongst the complaints about the weather, the whining about the hills, the predictions of being bored, we are bundled up and heading downtown on a biking adventure. Krispy Kreme will probably be the kids’ highlight, but hey if that is what we need to do create good memories for those three, bring on the doughnuts…and please, let them be warm!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve taken Sam and Sara to some cultural event I thought was special or meaningful in some way, and at the end of the day when I expectantly say, “What was your favorite part?”  (Of course, on some level, patting myself on the back for what an awesome mom I am for exposing them to art and theater and diversity…)  Their answer, inevitably….the ice cream!  (or pretzel, or doughnut as the case may be)  I just hold out hope that somewhere in some recess of their brains they’re stockpiling all these experiences and at the end of the day it will make them better people.

I was thinking about you guys today and how incredible it must have been to actually be there and feel like you were part of history.  I was at work and walked into a patient’s room about to examine him.  His mom stopped me and very politely said, “The president is about to speak.  Do you want to watch?  Can this wait a minute?”  I thought that was so cool.  

It’s the Little Things

It’s the Little Things

Before we get too far into January, I read about these two ideas that I want to try, and I thought you might want to give them a go as well. I don’t know where the first one originally came from, but my friend, Berta posted it on FB and I just love it:

Fill an empty jar with little notes all year of the good things you do, the things you’re grateful for, etc. Then, read them at the end of the year to really appreciate all the positive things that have happened in 2013.

The second one I read about in one of the billions of magazines I read instead of building my intellect with books or scientific journals that I should be reading for work. Oh shallow self why do you always win?! I’m digressing here, but I really think this a sweet idea and I want to try and do this:

Keep a list of all the accomplishments your kids achieve throughout the year (big and small)–riding a bike, being nice to their sib, etc. At the end of the year, write them a letter letting them know you noticed these things!

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Slink, I love these! I really do, especially since I am memory-challenged these days. Think I will try and share the letter with them on their birthdays as it seems like a wonderful gift. Gonna get to Georgetown Flea Market ( to find some “grateful jars”. Some space will be made for them on our mantel in hopes that others will inquire and contribute. What great modeling of being kind to ourselves and appreciating our lives. Thanks so much for sharing!
Going to the Dogs

Going to the Dogs

It’s Monday morning, the alarm sounds, the dogs jumps on the bed, my husband gets up to go run and I roll over to snuggle into my cozy pillow while the dog snuggles up beside me. Delicious.


I too long for the endorphin rush I used to crave. I too want to be over 40 and fit. That is where you come in Slink.  I need you to tell me what to do (okay, I admit it, being the youngest, I still enjoy others telling me what to do). Here is the link to my gym and I sincerely want you to choose 2 classes each week for me to commit to for the next 4 weeks. I will fill in the others, but this will get me started. My hope is that you will see things on the schedule I would overlook or shy away from. A fresh perspective to get out of my comfort zone and try new things…back to my goals for 2013! Time to get my body (and back) strong again. In the meantime, I will be snuggling with Ivy on the couch.


Oh, Slinkie.  Words cannot fully express how excited I am about this!  Now I know you’re going to initially say no.  But bear with me.  I think you should check out the Cross Fit option.  Here’s why: 1) It’s fun. 2) They can totally scale the workout and adjust for your back issues, etc. 3) It will absolutely take you out of your comfort zone 4) It’s a great work out and it will totally change your body and help your back and you’ll be so excited and I can’t wait for you to feel strong and be happy about your rockin’ bod!  Speak to the people at your gym.  It looks like you may have to do an all day foundations class first–don’t say you can’t.  DO IT!  Then it looks like there’s lots of options for classes, including M-W-F 6:15 am, which is perfect.  No excuses.  Can you tell how excited I’m getting?!
Mall Royale

Mall Royale

We live in NYC and rarely get the chance to go to the mall.
It’s sort of a novelty for my girls, and we look forward to going at least once a visit while in Washington, DC.  This trip was no exception.
And so, Slinkie, Joe, all the girls and I headed out to Tyson’s Corner on the last day of 2012 to do some shopping.
I would say it was a successful trip all in all.  Some had a mission, some were just browsing, but everyone (except for Slink) got a little something.
The thing that struck me the most, though, was that while we were inside the mall, we seemed to exist in a time warp.  It was as if time stood still.  We could have been there for 20 minutes or 5 hours, who can say. It all felt the same.  When we went in, the sun was shining.  When we left, it was nearly sunset.
And then I realized, just like in a casino, the mall has no windows, which is what gives it that that sense of timelessness.
Coincidence?  I don’t think so.
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Can’t say I agree with you on the timelessness of the experience, it usually feels like 5 hours even when it is 20 minutes. Although, much like a nice cocktail would embellish a casino experience, your family brought silliness and joy to what is normally a stressful day. And timelessness is wonderful when we get to be together because it always seems time goes too quickly. Perhaps we should always seek out windowless venues!
Moules et Menopause

Moules et Menopause

There is nothing better than lunch ( with your two best friends.

What do three 40 something women talk about over Belgian food and drinks?

Some topics that came up (in no particular order):

New restaurants

Summer in Italy


Working out

Homemade pasta

Champagne fountains

Hot flashes

The football hall of fame


The possibility of my husband stripping on New Year’s Eve


Ice skating

Voice lessons

American Idol

The list goes on.  It doesn’t really matter what we talked about.  The point is, with your best friends, you can see them every day or once a year and it’s like no time has passed.

As a bonus, my  husband joined us today.  I think he thought he was going to get a window into some secret women’s society.  He may have been disappointed.

What a treat on a Saturday afternoon in the midst of a whirlwind week with the family. Amazing you can recall so many talking points after several hours! As for the husband insight, don’t think he would recommend it to others, but think he would try again in hopes of a greater glimpse.
What Makes You Smile?

What Makes You Smile?

Family, Best friends, Dogs, Singing, Dancing, Cupcakes, Sunny days, Helping others? “It’s [the holidays], and we want to remind people of the simple things and make them happy and smile not just the material things,” says Massoud Adibpour, an organizer for Make DC Smile. Their latest project, a chalk mural that asks “What Makes You Smile?,” allows residents to take a moment and remember the simpler things that make them happy. What makes you happy this holiday season?


My daily chats with Slink as I walk from the subway to work!
Holiday Shop ‘Til You Drop…Or Not

Holiday Shop ‘Til You Drop…Or Not

The holidays are just around the corner and that means one thing to so many of us…shopping. For some this brings up feelings of pure dread. For others, sheer joy. I love to shop. I mean really, really love it. The only thing stopping me from doing it all the time is money. Or, lack thereof. And, I have to admit, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and all the devastation it left in its wake, it feels kind of weird to be focusing on all the excess of the holidays when so many people are facing so much loss.

So, what to do?

A few things I’m going to do in an attempt to reconcile my conflicting emotions about the upcoming festivities:

1. Spend a day volunteering somewhere.
2. Buy more gifts from small, individual vendors versus big box stores. (Full disclosure : Joe and I purchased the Barbie Princess Pop Star hair styling set from Amazon for Sara Rose’s fifth birthday–sickeningly commercial–and…she LOVED it!)
3. Make some gifts this year.

It’s not much, but it’s a start! Keep it simple, people. Nothing like the sense of accomplishment you get from crossing things off a good list.

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Been thinking along those lines. Heading back to Eastern Market to support some local artists. So happy to be reminded of this DC gem several weeks ago.