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Be Mine

I love the fact that Sammy and Sara Rose are still young enough that Valentine’s Day is simple and fun. Just a bunch of friends exchanging cards and candy. No expectations. No pressure. They were super excited about making these valentine bookmarks for their friends. I got the idea from the ever fabulous Gabrielle Blair over at Of course, her version was perfection. Ours’ has a more “home made” quality, but the girls were so happy making them it made the whole family excited.

For years Joe and I had a great Valentine’s Day tradition. It always felt a little funny to us actually going out to a romantic dinner on the holiday. You look around at all the other tables and it’s like everyone’s there supposed to be having an intimate, special night, but you’re all there together. It’s kind of weird…and funny. So, because going to the movies is my absolute favorite activity, we used to organize all day movie marathons on Valentine’s Day. It’s fun because you have to make a sport of it–coordinating movie times and going from one theater to the next. You also have to vary the types of movies. Like it’s okay to throw a serious one in there, but you always want to end with a happy one. One year we started with “Fight Club.” That was poor planning on our part. Anyway, with kids and babysitters, the tradition has been put to rest for awhile, but I think we’ll need to bring it back soon. In the meantime, I hope my Valentine likes bookmarks!

The first thing I am noticing is no candy attached to their adorable cards. How lovely. Maybe because my youngest is a bit older than your oldest, but somehow it has become about the candy not the cards. This year I am very proud of Avery for utilizing old wallpaper samples we found piled in our basement. Granted her design was fueled by incorporating the lollipop but she and her friend had a fun time working together. As for the movie marathon, get it going again! I remember when you guys used to do that and it was so fun. If not in the theaters, why not in your home, perhaps even with the girls. Get them started early on your tradition! 
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